RSS Chief Calls “India is a Hindu Rashtra”, Assam CM Present In the Function


RSS( Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh)’s Chief Mohan Bhagwat once again reiterated his grand vision about India. As he said in the congregation held at the Field of a Veterinary college in Assam, It was attended by the chief minister of the Assam Sarbanand Sonowal, who also delivered a speech.

RSS Chief feels it was Hindutva, which led to the diverseness of the country and Hindus are the most accepting of the other religions as they have allowed the others in the country. He went to cite his historical knowledge to justify his thoughts which seem to be vastly different from the common man, who thinks India is a plural and diverse due to many reasons. He further claimed that other countries such as Pakistan and Bangladesh have refused to accept India as their friend while Bharat considers them a friend.

The choice of the language Bangla by the Bangladeshi is the reason he thinks they are similar to India yet do not want to associate themselves with India because they do not want to accept Hindutva. People can be agenda driven and many men are. RSS ‘s Chief seems to have as many agendas as possible related to the Hindu and Hindutva.

Next, he thinks that Pakistan is doing the same by not accepting that it was part of Bharat and it was Hindutva which preaches love humanity and peace. We remain clueless about the congregation but many suggest in the media that it was a part of their preparation for the upcoming election in the Nagaland, Tripura and Meghalaya.The congregation was attended by the 50,000 people as reported in the media.

He said that this meeting is not an occasion to showcase the power but to make people realise that the true essence of India lies in the Hindutva. What we know about the country is very different from what an organisation feels about it.


The constant agenda of the RSS has been making India a Hindu Rastra because they believe that the salvation of humanity can’t be completed until and unless this aim cannot be completed. We know the consequences of such an utter tragedy which if ever happens cannot be allowed to exist.

The continuous remarks by the Leaders and Organisation’s chief about their regressive viewpoints are nothing more than a propaganda to malign the image of the Indian culture and heritage of our ancestors. There have been many incidents, such as these which demand the attention of people and judiciary so that it may be stopped the next time.

But, as we know, something wonderful solution has not been brought about this kind of speeches, which seem to emerge up during the times of the assembly elections.The support structure of the various political parties is very clear in India and yet such statement continues to air in the broad daylight. We can continue to share our plurality and diversity. What other parties think of his viewpoints will be interesting to see in coming days.



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