Rapist Baba ram rahim adopted daughter honeypreet ex-husband attacked in haryana

honeypreet husband

New Delhi: Vishwas Gupta, former husband of rapist Baba Ram Rahim’s beloved honey piece, has been attacked in Shahabad, Haryana. The attack came when they were going to Karnal. Some people stopped his vehicle and beat him and took away the keys of his car. This incident of the attack is on Friday late evening. Faith had on Friday unveiled a press conference on the relationship between Honeypreet and Gurmeet Singh. Believer had said of threatening his life at the press conference itself.

‘Ram Rahim threatens to kill him’

Let me tell that Honeypreet’s former husband, Vishwas Gupta, has made sensational allegations against Gurmeet Ram Rahim and Honeypreet in the press conference. Vishwas Gupta said that once Ram Rahim and Honeypreet were aware of the game they started protesting. After this Ram Rahim threatened to kill him. Gupta told that a case of dowry was also registered on him and his family, after which he had to go to jail. Faith was attacked even in jail.

Vishwas Gupta said, ‘Ram Rahim’s goons beat me in jail. In prison, a betel of 10 lakh was given to kill me. After the attack in jail, my security was increased. “According to the allegations, Ram Rahim has, even more, cases on the faith.

‘There is no relation between Ram Rahim and Honeypreet like Father and Daughter

Vishwas Gupta kept the whole point in detail in the press conference. Vishwas Gupta said that there is no relation between father and daughter between Ram Rahim and Honeypreet. Every week Hanifreet and I were called in the cave. Honeypreet used to go to the cave while I was laid out. Gupta alleged that by handing him the job of the dera, Ram Rahim used to be with Honeypreet.

Vishwas Gupta said that I was a ponytail of Ram Rahim but not a hare. Vishwas Gupta said that in 1999, I was married to Honeypreet without being seen. My father was a devotee of Ram Rahim. Vishwas Gupta said that lawfully Ram Rahim cannot adopt Honeypreet. Honeypreet is not the daughter adopted by Ram Rahim. Vishwas Gupta alleged that Baba had made Honeypreet his daughter to show the world.

‘Vipassana is a maid and a queen of Honeypreet Dera’

Believing about Honeypreet, Vishwas Gupta said, the management of the dera was in the hands of Honeypreet. Vipassana is just an employee. Vipassana is a maid and the queen of Honeypreet Dera. It is worth mentioning that Ram Rahim is in jail after receiving 20 years of rape in the rape case and Honeypreet is absconding for the time being. To find Honeypreet, besides the Haryana Police, the help of Police of other states is also being taken.



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