Ram temple was demolished to construct Babri masjid claims Shia waqf board chief


Lucknow: Waseem Rizvi, the president of Shia Central Waqf Board, has claimed that the mosque was demolished by breaking Ram temple in Ayodhya. Rizvi said at a press conference here on Monday, “I believe that the Babri Masjid was broken by breaking Ram temple in Ayodhya. It is clearly mentioned in the report of Archeology Department. ”

Rizvi said that a petition for granting Ram temple to the disputed site and making the mosque second place will be filed soon. He said that the Shariat temple does not allow the mosque to be demolished. We have sought a separate land from this disputed area so that a mosque can be built there and there is no controversy again in the future.

Rizvi said that the rest of the men used to construct the mosque using force here. The Mughal invaders had done this to create anarchy among the people and its viciousness is suffering generations. He said that the land of the mosque does not give the Wakf rules to allow anyone else to transfer. The point of transfer comes when there is a mosque in the present time. There is not even a mosque there. There, the statue of Rama was established and it was also worshiped. When their idol has been installed, there can not be a mosque.

The President of the Shia Waqf Board said that if the Supreme Court considered our suggestion and gave it differently, then we will build a new mosque named Masjid-e-Aman.

When asked if Shia Board is under the pressure of BJP, Rizvi said that there is no pressure on us, we do not want to suffer. In response to another question, he said that Mir was Shi’a, so it is Shia Mosque. The challenge of Sunni Waqf Board has been challenged only, how will this mosque be? An SLP file has been filed for this. He will also be hearing this case.

When asked if somewhere else that the temple was demolished and whether the mosque was created, Rizvi said that Islam does not allow the mosque to be demolished by breaking the temple. Examples of the mosque being disrupted are controversial, though it is such a matter that when the matter comes, the matter will be talked about.



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