Ram Rahim’s story: Expelled from School for teasing Girls, Failed in Class 10th


The outcome of the school was carried out in connection with tampering with girls, which failed in tenth. The complaints against him often caused embarrassment to his family members, and sometimes the luck of millions of people will become the creator, it seems strange too. But the reality of the Dera Sacha Sauda and its current owner Baba Ram Rahim is similar, and we are not saying this, but we are saying that the devotees of the daily living along with him like Sadak have been with him.

The credibility of Sirsa’s Dera Sacha Sauda deal has definitely been resolved. But at some point of time, this Dera used to be a center of reverence and devotion in most of the surrounding states, including Haryana, but Punjab, Rajasthan, and UP. The foundation of this ashram was laid on March 29, 1948, 69 years ago by the saint Mastana Ji Maharaj. People say that he was an ardent saint since then the work of many social services has been done from this tent. But after getting Ram Rahim’s throne, gradually its credit remained.

Ram Rahim was born on 15th August 1967 in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan, used to visit the camp with his father Maghar Singh, who was the disciple of the second Gaddinshan Shah Satnam Ji of the dera. But Satnam Ji handed over to Ram Rahim at the age of 23 to the dera. Many people, who have been a seeker of the dera, say that in the matter of selecting the third gaddinshan i.e. Ram Raheem, Shah Satnam Ji made a mistake. Ram Rahim was only a boy of Rasia from the very beginning, but it was among his habits to disturb girls from the days of school, harassing the people around them. Due to tampering with girls, Gurmeet was also restricated from the school in the Ninth class. Due to these movements in class X, Gurmeet failed.

Old people say that when  Mastana Ji had laid the foundation of the dera, there used to be a truly spiritual environment, he taught his devotees the religion and continued to teach yoga continuously for years, his grandfather Shah Satnam Ji also Stay on the map. But gradually after the arrival of Ram Rahim, instead of spirituality, the world of dazzle, expensive trains, clothes, luxuries began to be filled with comforts.



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