Rajinikanth Enters Politics, What happened In 2017 Indian Politics

The News of Rajinikanth Making his entry into politics was enough for his fans to celebrate. He announced that time has come to set things straight and work towards the development of the Tamil Nadu.

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Rajinikanth mentioned that he doesn’t fear anyone but media. Asking support from people and fans to work towards the improvement in the society, Rajinikanth said he wants guardians who can fight for their right and question the guilty fearlessly.Well, it remains to be seen the fate of political career of the Rajinikanth. Will it surpass the record of MGR or remains sad ending like many other actors.

The Year Of 2018 Of Political Statements

Union minister Ananth Kumar Hegde sparked controversy when he remarked that his party will change the constitution. Since then he has apologized for his remarks but does it changes the thinking his party seems to adapt so easily? The year of 2017 did not go well with BJP as it found itself hitting wrong spots too many times.

The passage of the Triple talaq bill in the parliament gave prime minister an opportunity to boost his false party agenda. The recent Gujarat election proved to be too good for the BJP, which claimed to win at least 150 seats. The remark by Hegde is utter nonsense without realizing the implications of it.

Jignesh means, who is the first-time MLA from Gujarat has strongly opposed the remarks of the union minister hedge. Recently in a meeting organized in Pune, he said he will not allow anyone to change the constitution. It is the heart of democratic India providing every citizen with the right to live independently in India.

Recent development in the parliament suggests a dangerous turn in the current states. Arun Jaitley clarifying the statements made by the prime minister Narendra Modi during Gujarat political rally said that Prime minister never meant to question the integrity of the former prime minister Manmohan Singh.

What happened afterward is a curious case in the political drama of Indian political parties. The leader and chairman of Congress Party Mr. Rahul Gandhi took to Twitter to reply to a statement made by Mr. Arun Jaitely. He said thank you to Arun Jaitley that he clarified the stance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

What he says, he doesn’t mean and what he means he doesn’t say. This tweet created enough jitter in BJP party which quickly responded by bringing privilege motion in the parliament against Rahul Gandhi for spelling the name of Arun Jaitley incorrectly and mocking the finance minister.

The Road Less Travelled

Who said a tweet cannot do any anything. The war on Twitter is a different playground for political parties to showcase their inherent disdain for opposition parties or taking a jibe at the personal life of a minister.We are entering into exciting times of the political discourse in India.

The challenges for the people and Political leaders have increased multifold forcing us to be more alert and vigilant. The element of truth and honesty has been lost in Indian politics long ago what remains is us with our active political belief.



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