Rajasthan’s falahari baba arrested on rape charges

falahari baba

New Delhi: Falahari Baba, the accused in the rape case, has been arrested by the police today. Falahari Baba was arrested from Alwar’s hospital. A law student living in Chhattisgarh has accused Falahari Baba of rape. To avoid arrest, Falahari Baba was admitted to the hospital, but today he was arrested. Falahari Baba also told himself to be impotent to avoid arrest.

The girl who has accused Baba of sexually exploiting her is a resident of Bilaspur in Chhattisgarh, but studying law while staying in Jaipur, so the matter reached Alwar while going to Bilaspur. It is alleged that Baba wanted to make her a slave on the day of Raksha Bandhan. An attempt was made to tear his soul into the ashram.

Falahari Baba’s ashram spread over several hundred acres in Alwar. There are many Dharamsala in this school and Rajasthan in the name of Baba’s ‘Divya Ashram’. Falahari Baba has millions of followers in the country and abroad. The accusations of sexual assault on Baba are never exposed, but the girl says that she was encouraged by seeing the condition of Ram Rahim.

The arrival of the girl’s family is old in this ashram. In the Jaipur High Court, the girl got a job, she had come to Alwar’s ashram to get blessings but in the name of blessing, Baba Falahari spoiled the girl’s life by calling Hari Om Hari.



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