Rahul Gandhi Says Narendra Modi wants to rule the Country via Discussion with RSS not in Loksabha


New Delhi: Rahul Gandhi said about Prime Minister Narendra Modi that he wants to impose his mind on the country. Do not want to listen to the people of the country. Congress wants that the voice of such people be heard in the politics of the country and Congress is going to provide a platform for this.

The Congress is working on a new wing to bring the voices of the people of the unorganized sector to the country. Talking to reporters, Rahul Gandhi said that he is preparing to form a professional Congress through which efforts will be made to bring the voice of the workers of the unorganized sector into politics. The professional Congress command will be in the hands of four senior leaders of the party, including Shashi Tharoor, Milind Deora.

In response to a question, Rahul Gandhi said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi only talks about his mind. Modi wants that there should be no method of discussion in the Lok Sabha and the assembly. Those who have a debate in Modi and RSS go to the country. Rahul Gandhi said that this is the difference between Congress and the other party. Congress wants to bring everyone’s voice into politics but the other party does not want it. Rahul Gandhi said that we want that millions of people of India join politics making. But the present government of the country does not want it.

It is believed that the Congress wants to connect with the people working in the unorganized sector of the country through its campaign and wants to provide a platform for it. Tharoor also gave his opinion on this matter after Rahul Gandhi. On being questioned on the issue of Kerala, Rahul said that I am going to Gujarat, then the question you want to ask will be asked there. If you just question on the issue we have come to talk about, then get better.



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