Rahul Gandhi Says BJP’s and RSS goal is to change the constitution


New Delhi: Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi on Thursday accused the central government of Narendra Modi and its guiding Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) for trying to change the constitution, all opposition parties asked to fight united against it. Rahul joined the rally organized by JDU rebel leader Sharad Yadav to “save the shared culture” convened to unite opposition parties.

Rahul said that after the RSS came to power,  going to Salute Tricolor. till they was not in power, they had no tricolor, his country was not there. These people are holding their people in every institution, bureaucracy, media, and universities. When they set their people everywhere, then they will say that this country is ours.

They said, “If we have to fight them, we have to fight together.” Rahul said that Congressmen are confident that they are connected to the country and want to do something, while BJP and RSS say that this country is just about them.

Rahul said that one of the leading RSS leaders wrote the letter of apology in exchange for the freedom of the British during the freedom movement. He said, “He used to apologize for his independence. The Congress or any leader of any other party, except the RSS, did not plead with the British.”

Rahul accused the BJP and the RSS of being behind the attack. Referring to the incident of stone pelting on his convoy in Gujarat, Rahul said, “When stone pelting was done on my convoy and black flags were shown by BJP workers, I stopped there to talk to them, but as soon as I got my vehicle Came out and went towards them. They fled. ”

Rahul said that the BJP had promised to create 20 million jobs every year and to give 15 lakh rupees to every person, but they did not fulfill their promise when they came to power.

In this conference, CPI (M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury, Communist Party of India (CPI) D Raja, National Conference’s Farooq Abdullah also joined.



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