Rahul Gandhi Did Not Follow Security Protocols And Used A Car Which Was Not Bullet Restrained, Says Rajnath Singh


New Delhi: Congress on Tuesday raised the issue of the attack on Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi in the Lok Sabha. Senior Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge, raising the issue of stone pelting in Gujarat, said that he is the son of the martyr and we will not be afraid of such attacks. Congress accused of conspiracy to murder Rahul Responding to Congress allegations, Rajnath Singh said that Rahul himself violated security norms and did not take a bullet proof carriage. Rajnath accused Rahul of going to Gujarat for disaster tourism. Due to the ruckus on this issue, the proceedings of the Lok Sabha had to be postponed for the whole day.

On Tuesday, Mallikarjun Kharge took up the issue of attack on Rahul Gandhi. Congress MPs started sloganeering against the Modi government. Standing up to answer Kharage’s questions, Rajnath Singh had to put his point between noise and sloganeering. Replying to Congress allegations, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh said that Rahul Gandhi is a national leader and a respected member of Parliament. Rajnath Singh said that on August 4, before the visit of Rahul, on August 1, a detailed program was sent to the Gujarat government. The full detailed program was sent to the state police on August 3.

‘Rahul did not accept the advice of SPG, left the bullet proof vehicle’

Rajnath Singh said, “Rahul Gandhi has got the security of SPG, so the action of ASL (Advanced Security Consumption) was done earlier on his visit. In his defense SPG, full administration and senior officers of police and other officers were present. According to the report of the ASL and State Intelligence Department, guards, patrolling and tight security was arranged accordingly. There was also a bullet proof car, jammers. Dhanera (where Rahul was touring), two security personnel, including two officers of the rank of SP, along with 6 officers of the rank of deputy.

Rajnath Singh told that after reaching Thawar helipad, Rahul Gandhi was going towards a bullet-proof car, only when his personal secretary asked him to sit on a non-bullet proof car. Rajnath said, “Rahul Gandhi did not listen to the SPG officials, listened to his PS. During further travel, Rahul repeatedly violated the safety norms. He also stayed at places where he did not even have a program.

Rajnath told that Rahul Gandhi addressed a crowd of about 5000 in Dhanaura. The protesters stopped the protesters there. Soon after the end of the program, Rahul Gandhi moved to the helipad. Meanwhile, the stone was thrown from his car, in which Rahul was not hurt. During the address of Rajnath Singh, Congress members will not continue to be Hitler Shahshi like sloganeering. Rajnath Singh said, “In this case, a person has been arrested and sent to judicial custody. Once again, in the Thawar, SPG advised Rahul Gandhi to take a bullet proof carriage. Rahul did not agree again. ‘

Rahul is constantly breaking standards of security: Rajnath

Rajnath Singh in his reply tried to surround Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi. Rajnath Singh said, “Rahul Gandhi visited Rajkot on July 31. During that time, did not use the bullet proof carriage. In 121 scheduled and non-determined internal tours over the last 2 years, Rahul has broken the security protocol, not using bullet-proof cars.

Rajnath said that this matter has been brought to the notice of Congress President Sonia Gandhi, Congress, and Rahul Gandhi but no answer came from his office. Rajnath Singh said, “In the foreign tour, Rahul also informs SPG a few hours before his visit. That’s why SPG has difficulty in security management. In two years, Rahul Gandhi remained in 6 foreign tours for 72 days but did not have SPG cover. The country would like to know where it is. ‘



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