Raghuram Rajan may get Nobel prize for economics


New Delhi: Former RBI governor Raghuram Rajan may get Nobel prize for economics. His name is included in potential claimants this year’s award. According to a news of the Wall Street Journal, Rajan’s name is also on the list of potential six candidates prepared by clarivate analytics. However, having a name on this list does not mean that Rajan is the frontrunner for the award, but he is one of the potential contenders to win it.

According to this firm, Rajan is being considered as a contender for the award for his contribution in highlighting the dimensions of decisions in Corporate Finance, according to the firm’s Clarence Analytics Nobel Prize. Rajan was the Governor of Reserve Bank of India for three years. Rajan is currently a professor at the Booth School of Business in Chicago University. The Nobel Prize in Economics will be announced on Monday.

Let us tell you that Raghuram Rajan is counted in big names in terms of economy globally. He became the first non-Western to become Chief of the International Monetary Fund in the youngest age (40). In 2005, Rajan had published a paper in the US at the annual meeting of economists and bankers, which feared an economic downturn. At that time it was joking, but three years later, his prediction was proved right. The world economy, including the US, was hit by the economic recession.



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