Prime Minister inaugurates Delhi-Meerut Expressway

eastern and western peripherals
Nizammuddin bridge

Prime Minister inaugurates Delhi-Meerut Expressway today. Modi is all set to conduct a roadshow from Nizamuddin Bridge and travel about six kilometres and then he is going to travel to Baghpat to inaugurate the EPE. The Prime Minister will also be inaugurating the exhibition and 3D model there where he is expected to get a huge number of people.

It is the first National Highway in India which consists of fourteen lanes. All total the expressway contains six-lane expressway with four plus four service lanes from the bridge named Nizamuddin Bridge in Delhi to Uttar Pradesh Border.

The Prime Minister will also be travelling via roadway on Delhi-Meerut Expressway for six kilometres where he will be expecting to get greetings from a large number of public. He will further travel towards the exhibition venue where he will be inaugurating the 3D model and exhibition says Nitin Gadkari, Road transport, Highways and Shipping Minister.

The project was maintained under Nitin Gadkari. There are 10 other projects including this project costing around Rs 35,600 crore. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari also said that Modi Government is also planning to build another expressway named Chambal Expressway to improve the communication between Chennai and Madhya Pradesh.

There are more than fifty thousand roadway vehicles enter through Delhi National Capital Region per day, which causes congestion and pollution in the city. So the Government has decided to take this major step to decrease the congestion and pollution. The government has launched a scheme of improving and modernising Western and Eastern Peripheral Expressways around the capital of India. Both the Eastern and Western peripheral expressways will be inaugurated by Modi today.

Eastern Peripheral Expressway project cost around Rs. 11000 crores. It is 135 kilometres long stretching from Palwal NH 2 to Kundli NH 1. The expressway will be crossing over river Yamuna also crosses NH 24 near Dasna including Mawikalan, Beel Akbarpur, Faizapur Khadar, Haryana and ends at Palwal. The Eastern Expressway consists of 46 small bridges, 4 major bridges, 221 underpasses, 3 flyovers and 115 culverts.

The Road Transport, Highways and Shipping Minister, Nitin Gadkari further added that constructed with intelligent and smart highway traffic management system including VIDS, i.e., Video Incident System. The project has been very environment-friendly with smart and interactive features also with world-class safety and security.

The foundation of both the projects was laid by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 5th November in the year 2015. It is a greenfield project as per the Government.



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