President Ramnath Kovind address Nation on the eve of Independence Day, emphasis on New India


New Delhi: President Ramnath Kovind called on Monday to take inspiration from freedom fighters and move forward. He said that it is time to take inspiration from such heroic freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for the country and to stay in the nation building continuously with the same spirit of going for some country. In his address to the country’s name on the 70th anniversary of Independence Day, President Kovind said, “Their faith, their belief in the integration and discipline of their belief, heritage and discipline in implementing policies and schemes based on independent ethics, According to the promotion of education the core of all these was the concept of partnership between the citizens and the government. ”

He further said, “This partnership has been the basis for our nation-building – a partnership between citizens and government, partnership between person and society, partnership between a family and a large community.” He said that all the people should be associated with such people for the nation building, as well as the efforts of the government to reach every segment, it should work together to unite. For this, the partnership between the citizens and the government is important. Kovind mentioned the ‘Swachh Bharat’ campaign of the government, ‘to be free from defecation’, using the Internet for the right purpose, ‘Beti Bachao – Beti Padhao’ campaign.

He said, “The government can make laws and strengthen the process of enforcing the law, but to be a law abiding citizen, to build a society complying with the law – it is the responsibility of every one of us. Emphasizing on, the government is ending corruption in government appointments and government procurement, but working towards keeping the conscience clear in everyday life. Ry keeps culture maintain the sacred – is the responsibility of every one of us. ”

Kovind said, “The government has implemented GST to simplify the tax system, has simplified the processes, but it is involved in all its work and transactions and the feeling of being proud to be disseminated Doing – it is the responsibility of every one of us. ”

He said that freedom was not only a power transfer but it was a very big and comprehensive watch. It was the moment of the dreams of our entire country, such dreams that our ancestors and freedom fighters saw. His dream of independent India was the dream of our village, the poor and the overall development of the country. He said that Mahatma Gandhi had emphasized the creation of the character of society and nation. The principles that Gandhiji said about adoption are relevant to us today. Kovind said, “Gandhiji was not alone in this campaign of nationwide reform and struggle. When Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose called for ‘You Give Me Blood, I Will Give You Freedom’, thousands of Indian people fought under their leadership Fighting and defeating everything. ”

He said, “Nehruji taught us that the centuries-old heritage and traditions of India, which we are proud of today, is possible to harmonize with their technology, and those traditions can be helpful in the efforts of modern society.” Sardar Patel Made us aware of the importance of national unity and integrity, and also explained that what is the disciplined national character. He Said Bhimrao Ambedkar explained the need for working under the preview of the Constitution and the “rule of law” and also emphasized the basic importance of education.




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