The Political World of Sachin Tendulkar


Sachin is the most celebrated cricketer in the world. He is what everyone aspires to be in his life. The fame, the hard work, the money, the success, the responsibility of being a human yet god in his own world. No cricketer is even close to what Sachin has already achieved in the cricket and beyond. Today, let us talk about the world of Sachin in the politics. The Sachin of the upper house of parliament. The member of parliament as we know him in the political spectrum of the country.

The Journey

As he bid adieu to the cricketing world or say there was even a murmur of it, Political parties prepared a plan to cast him in their playground. But, as we know that could not be fulfilled. Since Sachin, as mentioned many a time in the interviews never wanted to enter into active politics. But, he is always ready to help people through charities and public appearances supporting public causes.

He received Bharat Ratna after his retirement, which is a proof of his worthiness and stature in the Indian subcontinent. He is believed to be the first cricket personality ever to receive such award. He, later, joined the Rajya Sabha as being nominated by the president on the recommendation of the government. Many believed Congress wanted their name in history to be regarded as the party serving the true sportsmen of the India.

The Playground

People believed Sachin will make a difference in the sports world utilizing his power and prestige in the house and outside the house. they thought this is the best opportunity for the sports to gain momentum in the wake of Sachin being nominated for the Rajya Sabha. But, the situation has not changed much since he became the member of parliament. He has been absent most of the time from the house. He has received a lot of flak for his absence from various politicians and actors. Given his commitment to other activities, It is no wonder that he has found himself in such a situation.

The Winner

Sachin Tendulkar cannot be our Indian politician and he never was one. What we can expect from his a fine parliamentarian, who can raise multiple core issues plaguing the sport’s growth in India. He has shown commitment towards being an honest person who follows his duty as a member of parliament. He adopted a village under Sansad gram yojana to uplift the face of the village. These small acts prove his credentials. He is actively involved in the encouragement activities related to the increase of women participation in the sports. After the Rio Olympics, he personally gifted an expensive car to Female medal winners of different sports of India.

The Politician

He may have received a lot of flak for his absence from the parliament, but he never misses an opportunity to make a difference in the sports community. Those wanting to see Sachin as an Indian politician has to look somewhere else, Since Sachin, is busy creating opportunities for growth of sports in India.



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