PM Narendra Modi said Earlier he was looking for Journalist’s Now can’t meet due to this reason


New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said during a meeting with reporters on Saturday that there was a time when he used to find journalists and he would get his news in any corner of the newspaper. But now it has become difficult. The PM said that there are some practical problems, due to which he usually cannot get to the media. “There are expectations from both sides, there are complaints from both sides,” Modi told reporters in the Diwali meet program of BJP, but I feel that this is our professional problem. We need to find a middle path to move forward. ”

He said, “I remember how I used to spend time with you, most of you are from the same generation, lost in past memories is natural, there was no obstacle or difficulty at that time. I used to find and my speeches got a lot of space in the media. ” He said that now the media has expanded so much that it is difficult to meet all the journalists.

They said, “Some of you say that Modi did not meet you, before we met you, knocked on the door and used to go in. There was a different atmosphere of happiness, we talked a lot, but today it is difficult It is done.” He said that understanding each other has strengthened relations and mutual trust.

Modi said, “My experience says that everyone is fulfilling their duties, but informally everybody has something to contribute to the country.” Journalists tell us about obstacles. There is a scope for improvement in us. You travel a lot. ”



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