PM Modi address to India diaspora in Myanmar


Yangon (Myanmar): Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed overseas Indians at Thuwunda Indoor Stadium in Yangon, Myanmar. During this, PM Modi said that not only the boundaries of India-Myanmar, emotions are also linked. They said, for us, the country is bigger than the team. We are not afraid to take big and tough decisions for the country’s interest. Myanmar is also called the land of Brahmadesh or Lord Brahma in India.

What did PM Modi say?

  • In Myanmar, we are seeing mini India
  • Wanted to see Myanmar culture as close as possible
  • Myanmar is also called Brahmadesh in India
  • Indo-Myanmar border not only emotions
  • Indo-Myanmar sentiments have been associated for thousands of years
  • Indians living in Myanmar are our ambassadors
  • Myanmar’s independence movement without memory incomplete
  • The slogan of the base of the British rule was shaken
  • Subhash Chandra Bose gave a slogan of freedom from Myanmar
  • Bal Gangadhar Tilak composed the mystery of Gita here
  • There is a big country for us
  • Poverty, terrorism, communalism will create India free
  • The country is not afraid to take big and tough decisions in the interest of the country
  • Make decisions like Surgical Strike, Custody and GST
  • Millions of people whose accounts have crores in their account
  • Free bank account of two lakh companies

Earlier, Modi went to see the famous Anand Temple of the 12th century in the ancient city of Bagan, Myanmar. This temple is being revived with assistance from India. This temple was damaged in the earthquake last year. It is believed that the construction of the Buddhist temple was done by King Kanjiththa around 1105. This Buddhist temple is one of the masterpieces of Mon Architecture. Qianjitha was one of the greatest kings of Burma. The temple’s architecture reflects the mon and Indian influence.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Ravi Kumar said in his tweet, “Connecting with history PM Modi saw the Ananda Mandir It is the most historic and revered temple in Myanmar garden.

Let us say that on the five-day visit, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Myanmar on Tuesday after the BRICS Conference in China ended. PM Modi met Aung San Suu Kyi on Wednesday.

In this bilateral meeting, there was an important agreement between Bharat and Myanmar. There was the talk of bilateral relations between PM Modi and Suu Kyi. PM Modi said that India understands all the challenges of Myanmar. PM Modi thanked the Government of Myanmar for the welcome, where PM Modi has come and looks at it as if he is sitting in his house.

PM Modi also raised the issue of Rohingya Muslims in the meeting. PM Modi said that PM Modi said that India is also concerned about the escape of Rohingya society. PM Modi expressing confidence to Suu Kyi said that India will fully cooperate in the peace process in Myanmar. PM Modi talked about leaving 40 prisoners in Myanmar, imprisoned in India

On Tuesday, he called on Myanmar President Htin Kyaw His meeting with Htin Kyawwas very pleasant. There was the talk of strengthening relations between the two leaders.




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