Petrol & Diesel will be cheaper in Chandigarh from tomorrow


Chandigarh: In the Union Territory Chandigarh the prices of petrol and diesel will be reduced from tomorrow. The city administration has decided to reduce VAT on petrol and diesel. Chandigarh Administration today announced that the rate of VAT on diesel or high-speed diesel will be reduced from 16.40 percent to 11.40 percent. Similarly, the VAT rate on petrol and branded petrol has been reduced from 24.74 percent to 19.74 percent. This information has been given in the release issued by the Chandigarh Administration here.

After the cut in the Union Territory, the price of diesel will be reduced from Rs 57.68 per liter to Rs 55.20 per liter, while the price of petrol will be reduced by Rs 2.74 per liter to Rs 65.66 per liter. After this reduction in the Chandigarh area, the price of fuel will be cheaper from the surrounding areas. In Mohali, diesel will be cheaper by Rs 2.23 per liter in Chandigarh. Mohali district falls in Punjab. At the same time, there will be a difference of Rs 8.11 per liter in petrol and in Chandigarh and Mohali. At Mohali this time, the price of petrol is Rs 73.77 a liter, but after the latest reduction in Chandigarh, it will be Rs 65.66 a liter.

However, regarding this move of the Chandigarh administration, petrol pump dealers in the surrounding districts have expressed concern. Pump dealers of Mohali, Panchkula, Rupnagar say that this will have a bad effect on their business.



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