Pathankot on alert after local claims sighting Suspected Terrorist

Pathankot on alert after local claims sighting Suspected Terrorist

The news of the suspected armed, who were seen in the Pathankot Airbase in Punjab on Wednesday night, has stirred up the news. There is a possibility of being a member of the fidayeen faction of the suspects seen in Army uniform, after which security has been tightened in Pathankot. According to the report, on April 19, at around 12 pm, three people in the uniform of the army demanded lift from a vehicle coming from Himachal and the driver gave them a lift.

The youth was suspected on the way, then he questioned the suspects but the driver could do something before the two suspects assaulted him and took him out of the car and fled. The owners of the car informed the police and told that the suspect was in the uniform of the army. After getting the information, the army has kept the whole area on high alert.

A search operation is being conducted by the army in search of suspects. Indian Army has recovered the car which was kidnapped by the suspects. Let us know that Pathankot airbase has been attacked in 2016. At that time the Pakistani terrorists had entered inside. After several days of action, they were killed. After this security was tightened here.



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