Pakistan posted a false picture against India Twitter deleted account


The face of Pakistan, who repeatedly resorted to lies against India, has once again been exposed in front of the world. Twitter has given a go-ahead to Pakistan to run propaganda against terrorism and hideaway terrorism posting Pakistan. Twitter has deleted the Pakistan Defence account on sharing fake pictures of an Indian girl.

Twitter said that Pakistan’s Defence Handle has been suspended for violating the rules. Pakistan has long been propaganda against India with its Twitter handle. He was constantly tweeting against India and was sharing fake pictures. This Twitter was a serious violation of the rules and suspended Pakistan’s Twitter account.

This Pakistani handbook of Pakistani Defence was falsely shared by an Indian girl, in which she has been shown holding the play card in her hand. The comment card has been written against India in this playcard. This photo is fake and it has been made through a photoshop. Pakistan had posted this fake picture to spread hatred against India. Therefore, Twitter, strictly on violation of the rules, deported Pakistan’s Defence Handle.



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