Pak Cancer patient described Sushma Swaraj her ‘Mother’ gets Medical Visa for treatment in India

Sushma Swaraj

New Delhi: After a long time, a Pakistani woman suffering from Cancer trying to come to India for treatment and Now Indian Government has finally decided to give medical visa to Faiza Tanvir, the Pakistani woman on twitter described Sushma as her mother and Congratulated India on Independence Day. In response, Sushma accepted the congratulations and announced her medical visa to Faiza. Last month, Sushma had also told Pakistani Foreign Minister Sartaj Aziz a lot of lies about the case of Faiza.

Faiza, suffering from oral cancer, while addressing Sushma in her tweet on Sunday evening, wrote, “Mam, you are my mother, Please give me a medical visa, please help me in this year’s 70th freedom year Thank you. ‘ After that, at 11 o’clock in the night, Sushma gave information about the decision to give medical visa to Faiza on Twitter. He wrote, “Thank you for your good wishes on the Independence Day of India. We are giving you the visa for Medical treatment in India.

Faiza had applied for a visa before, but all the rules were not followed for this, so the Indian Embassy rejected the Faiza’s application. After this, the Pakistani media had thrown up the matter and accused India of being inhumane. In response to this, last month Sushma had also questioned the role of Foreign Minister Sartaj Aziz in the whole of this case. He said, ‘I am not able to understand why Sartaj Aziz is reluctant to give his recommendation to the citizens of his own country.’

Faiza was engaged in trying to come to India for treatment for a long time. Faiza, who is suffering from a severe acute tumor, wants to get treatment in Indraprastha Dental College and Ghaziabad, which is now cleared.



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