PADMAAVAT Will Release Amid Protests, Violence Erupts In Gujarat


PADMAAVAT became the center of a controversy or say it was made the center of controversy for showcasing false pride by the Karni Sena and a group of people, who seemed to judge the book without even reading it.

These kind of protests and opposition against a film which utilises the historical characters to tell a moving tale can only be possible in India, Where state Governments go out of the way to violate the right of freedom of art and culture to hide their inefficiency to control the fringe group of protesters, who turn violent and abusive at the drop of hat. Supreme court allowed the screening of PADMAAVAT across all the state but Madhya Pradesh and a few others decided to immediately appeal to the court to review its decision which was rejected.

PADMAN was to be released along with PADMAAVAT but Akshay Kumar has decided to postpone the release of his film so that PADMAAVAT can make up the losses it has suffered since last year. Both, Mr. Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Akshay Kumar addressed a joint press conference to announce the news. The film will be released tomorrow across the country despite all the nuisance and controversy created by Karni Sena and others, which has already started showing its protest methodology.

Nobody even knew what they do or what they have for the community they so fondly represent. An act of protest by asking women to take Jauher in the spirit of protesting against the film is the irony of the controversy. Mr. Bhansali, a prolific filmmaker has expressed his feelings about the protest and addressed the concern of protestors through various means.


Who is losing the battle in this drama? Multiplex and distributors of the film are threatened with the repercussions if the film is showcased in their premises. In a news reported in media, as always state Governments from multiple states had a chance to show some spine and character in the face of resistance but unfortunately, they are the first to buckle down under pressure. If the security cannot be given to the owners of the theatres it becomes difficult for them to showcase the film since the blame for any violence would fall upon them.
PADMAAVAT is finally releasing tomorrow with glorious reviews from the critic and people who have seen the film at the private screening. Many noted critic and media outlets have praised the film for bringing an authentic and colorful story about our history, which many seems to disbelieve.
Given the background of so much happening around the film since it began shooting, the audience has been waiting to see the film in theatres. How the film is received in the public is in hands of time, which will be known within the next few days but it remains clear that it will emerge as a winner in the Box Office as many other films of Mr Sanjay Leela Bhansali have. So, Are You ready to Witness History in the Theatres?



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