Online but are you safe?



The World is becoming digital fastest on one hand Where our life is making easier and on the other  hand, cybercrime is  making us a simple victim

How to ensure your safety even when online do you observe that

Have you ever noticed, why are there so many things in e-mails that we often need? Actually, when we shared the information’s with the email, many times that information’s are leaked and on the basis of that information’s companies start giving their promotions. Nowadays with the help of social media it has become easier to copy anyone’s image and fraud during the online shopping is increasing day by day.

Know password techniques

Often we make personal information a part of your password, like name, date of birth, husbands or name of any member of the family. If you also use this then the hacker can hack your account by guessing. To avoid this not only make your password little tough Rather change it time by time. Be aware while logging in with your friend’s phone, laptop or cyber cafe.

Put an eye on your privacy setting

at regular intervals check your photos privacy settings. It’s not compulsory that you have posted in the private then it will be not shown to anybody else. Log in with any one of your friends or relative and see your profile and according to that make your privacy setting.

Don’t believe on unknown people

Avoid adding an unknown person to your social site.Many times people add many unknown persons to increase their friend list., but later some people’s take advantage of the information’s that is shown in your profile. For being safe only add that one whom you know or who is reliable.

Dangers are also connected to online games

In the plenty time often we start playing games with our mobile. Game makers many times took the information’s from your page and use according to their convenience. So first look all the instructions before installing any application, so that there would be no problem after.

Do not share personal information

Many times due to the ups and downs of the life many people share their information’s on the social site. By this information other take the advantage of the information’s which becomes harmful for you after. So by Flowing in emotions don’t post any your personal information.

What to do if hunted by the hacker

According to the expert if you Facebook, twitter or other account has been hacked then firstly complain to the police station as according to cyber crime. Tell your friend with any others account to your friend that your account has been hacked. Immediately change the password of your other accounts so that the hacker can not reach to your other account if online banking account is hacked then immediately call to the bank and inform them about this and block the account.



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