Omar Abdullah congratulated PM on resolving Doklam dispute, said Modi’s big victory


New Delhi: Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his team for the Doklam dispute, saying that this is notable because it has been done without any force being compelled and threatened. Omar has written on the tweet that China is a big force, but India has compelled the way that no noise is made and forced to withdraw from its chest, it is commendable.

Omar tweeted, “India resolved it in a better manner than China. This is more important because it has been done without any threat. Congratulating Prime Minister Modi and his team for this. “He said that returning to a status quo is a big victory for India and Modi.

Explain that on Monday, India and China agreed to withdraw their own army from Doklam. The Ministry of External Affairs had given this information through a press release. Let us tell you that there was a dispute between India and China for the last two months in Doklam. Chinese media has also confirmed this. According to the press release, both countries will gradually remove their forces. It is being declared as India’s biggest diplomatic victory over the Doklam controversy.

According to the news, negotiations between India and China for two months are going on for resolving the Doklam dispute. Next month, a BRICS conference is going to be held in China and Prime Minister Narendra Modi will also participate in it. Modi will visit China on September 3. According to the Foreign Ministry, diplomatic negotiations will continue with China. The situation will be restored in the Doklam before June 16.



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