I am not against Rose Day but Creative Talent is to be Forwarded: PM Modi


New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said that he is not opposed to Rose Day celebrated by students in colleges. He said that this is because we are not making robots but to promote creative talent. He said that day and cultural programs of different states should also be organized in the colleges. Addressing the function organized by the Deendayal Research Institute on 125th anniversary of Swami Vivekananda’s speech in Chicago, the Prime Minister said that many types of days are celebrated in the colleges. Today is the day, tomorrow is tomorrow. Some people’s thoughts are against it and some of them will be sitting here too. But I am not against it. PM Modi said that we do not have to prepare robots, we have to move on to the creative talent. For this, there can be no better place than the university’s campus.

It is noteworthy that some right wing organizations including Bajrang Dal also oppose the days like Rose Day celebrated at the college and college premises. The Prime Minister said, but have we ever considered that any college of Haryana celebrates Tamil Day, any college in Punjab celebrates Kerala Day? Wearing them the same garment, try to use language, eat rice with hand, play games of that area.

He said that the students in the college see the Tamil film. Invite some students from there and communicate with them In this way, we can celebrate the day of celebration in educational institutions in a meaningful form. One can make India, the best India. Modi said that unless there is a sense of pride in every state and every language in our mind, how will the feeling of unity in diversities be realized? He said that we can organize a discussion about Sikh gurus in the colleges, can tell what sacrifices were given by Sikh gurus.
He said that life can not be meaningless without creativity. We must be the strength of the country through our creativity, we should strive to meet the needs. The Prime Minister said that Swami Vivekananda had differentiated the knowledge and skills from each other and today the importance of skill development is being emphasized in the whole of the world. Our government has given special attention to skill development.



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