Do not believe in vote bank politics, Country is above Politics: PM Modi


Varanasi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) does not believe in vote bank politics because the country is above politics. On the second day of his two-day tour of his parliamentary constituency, Varanasi, Modi addressed a crowd and said that he has started a big campaign against corruption. He said that cleanliness is a worship for him, because it can help poor people get rid of various diseases and can also reduce the financial burden.

Addressing farmers in Shahanshpur outside Varanasi, PM Modi said, “Good governance is not a win for us and winning elections. Our priority is development of the country, the country is bigger than the party.” He said that many problems in the country before the common man are born from corruption. He said, “I have started a campaign against it and will keep it going till it goes out of the country.”

PM Modi urged people to cooperate in cleanliness campaign He said that it is a matter of good luck for him to have the foundation stone of public toilets in Shahshan Shahpur village of his constituency. PM Modi said, “This is because cleanliness is like worshiping to me, so that the poor of our country will get rid of various diseases and also get rid of the financial burden of growing from these diseases.” He said that no one likes garbage. Everyone in the country runs away from the responsibility of keeping their neighborhood clean. Modi said, “It is the responsibility of every citizen and family to clean up their neighborhood so that we can be able to make clean villages, clean cities and clean country.”

The Prime Minister urged every person to take a resolution to improve the country by 2022. In 2022 the country will celebrate its 75th Independence Day. He said, “In the next five years we have to be committed to this resolution. If 125 crore people fulfill each resolution, then the country will be 125 million steps ahead in the next five years.” PM Modi said that the government’s resolve is to double the income of the farmers and to provide the poor to poor people by 2022.

PM Modi, while targeting the previous socialist party of the state, said that there was no desire to build a house for the poor. He said, “We used to write letters to deposit the list of homeless people so that we can prepare a plan to provide a home for the poor, but the previous government had no desire to build houses for the poor. After putting it, he submitted a list of 10,000 names. ” PM Modi said that after the formation of Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) government under the leadership of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, millions of names have been registered, for whom houses will be built.



  1. This is merely a false commitment like Corruption made by BJP before Lok Sabha elections which is not fulfilled till date. Corruption is the main roadblock in the development of the country for which nothing is done by Modi govt so far. This is happening due to lack of stringent punishment like the death sentence and seizure of all illegal assets of CORRUPTS. ALL KHADI BOARDS ARE HEADED BY CORRUPT POLITICIANS WHO ARE ONLY LOOTING RESOURCES OF BOARDS. THE GOVT MUST ELIMINATE CORRUPTION AT ALL COST TO BOOST DEVELOPMENT OF KHADI BOARDS. Modi committed eliminating Corruption from the map of the country before Lok Sabha elections which are yet to be fulfilled. IT IS NOTED BY MODI GOVT THAT INDIA CANNOT PROGRESS UNLESS CORRUPTION IS ERADICATED TOTALLY FROM THIS COUNTRY. The people should not be deceived by other false promises and Modi govt must fulfill its commitment to curb CORRUPTION FROM THE COUNTRY. Otherwise, BJP WILL FACE UPHILL TASK IN WINNING FORTHCOMING ELECTIONS.


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