No More Condom ads In India from 6 am to 10 pm


India, the land of Kamasutra, has banned the ads for a condom during the daytime. It is the biggest joke of the year. if we cant hide our population, let’s hide the condom ads. This is what government thinks. Banning condom ads will do nothing except creating more questions about the intention of this regressive action, which somehow has become the sole purpose of the present government.

The guardians of Indian morale value have once again raised their flag to prove their existence in the Indian society. They, somehow always become visible during this kind of actions of the government. Recently, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting received multiple complaints about repeated condom ads in the day from ASCI.

The Action

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has issued an advisory invoking the  Cable Television Networks Rules, 1994. This advisory strictly asks all  TV channels not to air the advertisements promoting condom ads during the day between 6 am to 10 pm. The Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) asked the ministry to take such actions as it has been receiving a large number of complaints from the concerned citizens. They are deeply concerned about the impact of such advertisements on the children.

According to the advisory published No TV channel is allowed to air promotion of any condom ads during the day. Not adhering to the following advice will be penalized as mentioned in the  Cable Television Networks Rules, 1994. The Condom ads are indecent and inappropriate to the children, who mostly watch TV during the day. It is not a well-intentioned decision given the absence of any formal discussion about sex in the country. There are various other ways in which this discussion can be progressed in the home and society.

This action is not strange considering the recent developments in the country where a film based on the historical figure was banned in multiple states. A few of the fringe groups who have become mainstream due to their unwarranted actions are calling the shots to ignite a false propaganda to satisfy their political affiliation.

How Do You Behave

All these actions have a detrimental effect on the democracy of India. The advisory not only advised but warned against the TVs to go by the rules else face the penalty. This is just Another gag on the media independence. Earlier a similar order arrived in the form of banning articles about a certain rich businessman from prominent Media publications. These all constitute a major regressive force which pulls us to the age where everything is controlled and regulated, especially the right to say.

In a country like which is one of the largest populated countries, banning ads about condoms seems inappropriate and unwarranted. So, According to the latest rules, no one can watch ads for a condom in the day because it is indecent to children, but there are lot uglier activities happening during the day in the home, which has the far severe impact on the child than watching an ad for the condom.



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