Nitish Kumar Meets PM Modi Says Sharad Yadav is free to make his own decision


Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bihar’s Chief Minister Nitish Kumar met at the Parliament Complex. It is the first time after the formation of government in Bihar when PM Modi and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar met each other.

After the meeting, CM Nitish told that the issue of development has been discussed by PM Modi. There will be a detailed discussion on the development of Bihar at the end of this month. While speaking to Sharad Yadav, he said that the decision the party has been done with the consent of everyone. Sharad Yadav is free to take his own decision.

Significantly, after the breakdown of the JDU and RJD Coalition, the precursors of Sharad Yadav have been rebellious. JDU is also considering removal of Yadav as party leader in the Rajya Sabha.

Sharad Yadav has not got any JD-U legislator or MP. He is currently alone in the party alone. Currently, Yadav is going to visit entire Bihar from today, in which he will communicate with people in seven districts for the next three days. During this time, Sharad Yadav will try to figure out the mood of the party workers.



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