Nostradamus predicts that Pakistan and china can jointly attack on India


New Delhi: Today’s viral is such a prediction that you will be stunned. This prediction is of the third world war, which has been told about powerful countries like China Pakistan, US Israel France and India. According to the claim, China will start the war. The people of the whole world are reading with great interest in the prediction of Third World War. It has become quite popular on social media and internet.

The Third World War predicts that the world’s most famous and legendary fiction has been given by Nastrodymas. Along with the death of Second World War, Hitler, John F. Kennedy and Princess Diana, many of their predictions have been proved right. Nastrodymas is considered to be the world’s largest predictor. Many of his predictions have proven to be true. The predictions he has made about the Third World are now viral on social media.

According to the viral message on social media, Nastrodymas has predicted the Third World War. The claim is that China will attack India and at the same time the Third World War will begin. Together, Pakistan and China will call on the border of India. According to the prophecy, the army of China and Pakistan will reach the mouth of the Gangas. According to Nastrodymas, the final battle of third world war will be fought on the banks of Ganga. This means that the last battle along the river Ganga.

Third World War will be so terrible that blood and corpses float in the ocean. Nastrodymas believes that the third world war will be between atheists and believers. The claim is being made that the leader of the atheist’s army will be China because China does not believe in any god or any religion. Nastrodymas writes that India, France, Jordan will be liberated. The unkind powers will be destroyed in the Far East. Ganga, Jordan, France and Spain will end up grabbing empire. The country that will grab the Ganga i.e. China will be defeated in the Third World War. It is also claimed on social media that according to Nastrodymas, the Third World War will be between 2012 and 2025.



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