Narendra Modi Will Address Davos Summit, First In 17 Years For India

Last Time Indian Prime minister H D Deve Gowda attended the meeting in 1997 and this will be another meeting in the forum attended by the Indian prime minister along with his 129 member delegation

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DAVOS/SWITZERLAND, 22JAN16 - Participants at the Annual Meeting 2016 of the World Economic Forum in Davos, January 22, 2016. WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM/Benedikt von Loebell

World economic forum is held every year in the Davos, Switzerland to discuss the Issues of Global Concern. India participates in the event every year through its Finance Minister and a delegation of Bureaucrats. Many Indian Individual Businessman does attend the meeting. The all invited group attracts thousands of participants from the hundreds of countries.

Last Time Indian Prime minister H D Deve Gowda attended the meeting in 1997 and this will be another meeting in the forum attended by the Indian prime minister along with his 129 member delegation. It will be a big opportunity for the Narendra Modi to showcase India as the place of growth and opportunity to the world leaders and businessman to attract investment in the various sectors.

As he has previously optimally utilised every opportunity and forum to channelise his energy into selling the big Indian dream, which lets other companies and business move to the country. They can be particularly interested in the geographical dividend growth of India as it is set to achieve 7% GDP with the tag of the fastest economy in the world.

We cannot help but notice the difference that he wants to bring change in the approach of how India should operate on his foreign operations.every year world leaders, businessman, politicians, Journalist meet to outline and discuss the issue related to the Globalization, capital markets, wealth management, international conflicts, environmental problems. They Meet to bring about the solution on the global scale.

The Davos is particularly attracted towards the bigger businesses as is evident from its membership fees. The security of the world leader is another aspect of world economic forum. Narendra Modi has a golden chance to create a global impact on the development story of India.

The Davos and Narendra Modi

The growth in the Indian economy is something that everyone needs to be a participant. Narendra Modi can deliver his golden accomplishments which are GST and Demonetizaton. The war is still not over but it has just begun to operate on the global scale.

The Davos platform is something which has a rich history of being an attractive and global meeting point of the Top CEOs and World Politicians. Nothing can be said about the actual development of the meeting but it offers him the chance to showcase his policy reforms in the various sectors, such as Farmers crop insurance, Rural India etc.The intent of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi is quite clear for the Davos Summit, which starts tomorrow.

A unique approach but a commendable one to bring the attention back to the Indian development story. People are likely to be motivated by the Speeches, which may have a lasting impact but very unlikely as seen on many previous occasions. But, looking at the calibre of Narendra Modi at bringing the house down with his oration skills, it would be interesting to see how the Davos Meeting goes for the Indian Contingent, Which is well prepared to make an impact.

The Public and the World will be waiting for the region summits, which provide much larger opportunity.



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