Narendra Modi to meet Malaysia PM during three – nation tour

Modi on his tour
Asian tour

Narendra Modi to meet Malaysia PM during the three-nation tour. He left on Tuesday for Indonesia on a three-nation tour of Southeast Asia for five days that will take him to Malaysia and Singapore.

Modi said on the eve of his visit to Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore that India had a strong partnership with all the three nations and his visit to those countries will boost up the nation’s Act East Policy.

While on his visit to Singapore, he is going to deliver a speech at Shangri-La Dialogue, which is an annual security meeting on 1st June 2018.

He further added’ “This will be the first time that an Indian Prime Minister would deliver this address. It would be an opportunity to articulate India’s point of view on regional security issues and maintenance of peace and stability in the region.” The statement was posted on his official Facebook page. Also, he said that he is going to visit Jakarta tomorrow. Indonesian President Mr Jokmo Widodo invited him for the meet.

Narendra Modi said that this is his first visit to Indonesia as Prime Minister. He is planning forward for a discussion with Indonesian President Jokmo Widodo on 30th May. He is also going to discuss India-Indonesia CEOs Forum. In the CEO Forum, he is going to address the Indian community in Indonesia. India and Indonesia have strong and friendly bonding with each other and both the countries shared deep civilisational and historical linkages.. Modi further said'”Both countries are multi-ethnic, multi-religious, a plural as well as open societies. I am confident that my visit to Indonesia will create greater synergy between Asia’s two largest democracies and further elevate our bilateral ties.”

On 31st May he will be on his way to Singapore. And on his way to Singapore, he is going to make a brief halt in Malaysia. The reason behind this is to congratulate the new Malaysian ministry. He is also planning to meet Prime Minister of Malaysia Mahathir Mohamad. While in Singapore Modi is going to focus on boosting Indo-Singapore partnership in areas of Fintech, urban planning, skill development and artificial intelligence. Singapore has already become the major partners in the field of urban development and planning, infrastructural development and smart cities.

On 1st June, Narendra Modi will invite the President of Singapore Halimah Yacob to hold a delegation level discussions with the Prime Minister of Singapore Lee. He is also planning to visit some of the spiritual places of Singapore that have civilisational linkages with India.



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