Narendra Modi in Himachal Rally: Congress is a laughing Club

PM Narendra Modi speaks against Congress in Himachal Pradesh Elections rally at Kangra

BJP Leader and present Prime Minister was speaking at a rally in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh on Thursday. PM Narendra Modi said that Congress had become a laughing Club and it makes fake promises. PM also taunted the opposing party on its election Manifesto. Namo targeted the ruling party in the state on various issues including development and corruption. He is currently on BJP campaign in the state trying to up-bring party image for Himachal Pradesh Elections.

People laughed and Cheered as PM Narendra Modi spoke

Himachal Pradesh is currently being ruled by Congress under the Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh’s guidance. BJP popularity in the state is currently at second place with 27 MLAs out of 68 seats. The dice might roll upwards down in next Himachal Elections. PM Narendra Modi left no chance to attack congress during BJP campaign at Kangra Rally. “The Congress Party is now a Laughing Club. The Chief Minister of this party is out of Jail on a bail on the charges of Corruption whereas the party is stating a tagline of “Zero Tolerance on Corruption” in their respective election manifesto” Modi targeted Virbhadra Singh without taking his name. People applauded and laughed at his taunt.

Indian Citizens are forgiving: Modi

Modi seemed quite more aggressive than in his other rallies today. His take on Congress was solid and logical. He did not deviate from attacking opposition party on various political and public issues. “The citizens of India are forgiving in nature. But if you do wrong things intentionally and blame the people for that, they will make you pay for it.” “Congress is clearing the treasures of this nation in the name of Swachchh Bharat Abhiyaan” He added speaking on the corruption issue.

PM Narendra Modi asked HP to save DEV BHUMI

Narendra Spoke on the current ongoing issue of saving DEV BHUMI. He requested the rally attendants to save the state from Congress and 5 Rakshas. These 5 demons are:

  • Mining Mafia
  • Drug Mafia
  • Forest Mafia
  • Transfer Mafia
  • Tender Mafia

He gave the concept of clearing Congress from the state to save it from these 5 Mafia or Rakshasas (demons). He charged on Congress for taking bribes and increasing corruption in the state through different policies.

Narendra Modi spoke to Trump

The United States of America recently experienced another terrorist attack. An ISIS supporter planned this attack. He bashed a speedy truck in a crowdy place and injured dozens of people. 8 people are dead in this attack as per the reports now. PM Narendra Modi talked to American President Donald Trump on this issue during a phone call, White House reported. Both nations stand together fighting terrorism on a global level. The accused of this attack Saipov, 29, was arrested after the event. He said that he was on a trial run of a rented truck and felt good about his actions.

Sanctioned Rs 2 Lakh for each Victim of NTPC Blast

PM Narendra Modi sanctioned Rs 2 Lakh for each of the next of kin in NTPC Blast. The boiler piper of NTPC Boiler plant exploded in Uttar Pradesh. It was situated in Rai Bareli District. The state government and central government are already helping the victims and site. Many famous organizations and celebrities came forward to give a supporting hand. PMO India also reported for helping every minor injured with Rs. 50,000 help by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. At least 26 people are dead in the explosion that took place yesterday in one of the boilers at NTPC.



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