Mualana open threat to Central Government on rohingya muslim issue


New Delhi: In the country, there has been debate these days that Rohingya Muslims who came illegally from Myanmar should be sent back or not. The government has clearly said that the strings of these Rohingya Muslims are linked to terrorist organizations such as ISI, ISIS, but still, some people feel that they should be allowed to stay in India after adopting a humanitarian attitude towards them. In a mob of hundreds of people in Kolkata, a maulana threatens the government for the sake of Rohingya Muslims.

The Muslim who took the sword for Rohingya

In the name of Rohingya Muslims, Pakistan’s terrorist organization is threatening Jihad and preparing the army of 1 lakh jihadists to seek revenge against Modi and India. Sunni Ittehad Council in Pakistan then challenged PM Modi and Su KR and said that one lakh terrorists will send Rohingya to protect Muslims.

An open threat to the government of Maulana in Kolkata rally

Now the voice of Pakistan is rising from India too, and the issue of bloodshed for Rohingya Muslims is being said all the time by giving the message of religion. Maulana Shabbir Ali said, “Inshallah … Inshallah … listen … listen to us, this is the memorandum from the Delhi government that these Rohingyas … they are our brothers. These are Muslims … who have their Koran … They are my Koran, which is their Rasool, my Rasool, those who insult them are my God. Do not assume that Rohingya Muslims are different from Hindustan Muslims. Muslims everywhere in the world. We are all brothers in our midst … all Muslims are brothers among themselves.

And listen … Bengal is Bengal … do not think that they are unclaimed and they will expel you from Bengal … Listen … this is not Assam … This is not Gujarat, it is not UP .. This is not Muzaffarnagar …

‘We are Husseini Muslims, we are 72 also, then we collect millions of people’

Maulana further said, Muslims are in the minority if Muslims are in the low, then is the Muslim weak. You do not know our history, you do not know our date. We are Karbala people … we are Husseini Muslims … we are 72 also, then we collect millions of people.



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