MP Police Bizarre logic on Tikamgarh farmer issue


In the matter of closure of the clothes of farmers involved in the protests in Tikamgarh in Madhya Pradesh, the police have made a strange argument. Police personnel says that the fear of hanging has forced the clothes of the farmers out of the lockout.

At the same time, BJP MLA KK Srivastava came from Tikamgarh in the rescue of Shivraj Sarkar, who was caught in frustration with farmers. They gave a press conference in the capital Bhopal and gave the clean chit to the police and called the whole incident a conspiracy of Congress.

In Tikamgarh, the investigating report of the beating of the protesters by semi-nomination, DGP has not yet submitted to the state government. Prior to this, local BJP legislator K.K. Srivastava said that the mischief done by the Congressmen in the name of the farmers was a conspiracy to create conditions like Mandsaur.

The BJP MLA said that the Congress workers tried to take off clothes themselves and clothe themselves with some others and once again tried to defame the farmers. Seeing the assembly elections coming closer, Congress wants to spoil the state’s atmosphere.

In the interaction with the media at BJP headquarters in Bhopal, coming from Tikamgarh, K.K. Srivastava said that this allegation is completely false and false that the clothes were removed from the body of protesters locked in the lock-up.

Human Rights Commission issued notice

In connection with the closure of farmers in the lockup of the police station, the National Human Rights Commission has taken ‘self-cognizance’ and issued a notice to the Chief Secretary, DGP, and asked for an answer within 4 weeks.

What is the whole case
On Tuesday demanding declaration of Tikamgarh district as drought, the farmers protested together with the Congressmen outside collector’s office on Tuesday. The situation worsened when the collector did not come for 45 minutes to take a memorandum and the stone pelting started. The police used lathi-charge and tear gas shells to control the situation.

The allegation is that the two tractor-trolleys full of farmers returning from the protest were stopped by the countryside police. The farmers alleged that they took off clothes and locked them in lockup. Where the clothes were stripped and beat them up



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