Only Modi Government can solve Kashmir issue says Mukhtar abbas naqvi


New Delhi: Union Minority Affairs Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi today said that if the ‘Kashmir problem’ is not resolved by the Modi government then forget that it will be resolved further. In a conference on minorities here, Naqvi said, “Let me say one thing very clearly. If the problem of Kashmir and the problems of Pakistan or the other problems which other people can not solve, Narendra Modi sahib If the time is not resolved then forget that it will be resolved sometime. ”

He lauded the leadership capability of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said, “This is the strength of Narendra Modi that he went to Pakistan in a Marriage at Nawaz Sharif Home. Could anybody else go? Someone else had the courage to go to a wedding in Pakistan without informing him (no prime minister).

Naqvi said, “The government has appointed the interlocutor (Dineshwar Sharma) about Kashmir. There will be solutions. Kashmiri people want peace The people of Kashmir have always defeated the enemy forces of peace and they will defeat those forces even further. ”

Later, the Union Minority Affairs Minister told reporters, “The Prime Minister is working for nation’s security with nationalistic will. He is working closely with other countries of the world. As far as the problem of Kashmir is concerned, then there has been an atmosphere of peace and calm in Kashmir in these three years. ”

Commenting on the former Home Minister P Chidambaram’s statement about the ‘comprehensive autonomy’ statement in Kashmir, Naqvi said, “Unfortunately, some people are trying to sabotage the separatists and try to ease peace in Kashmir. These days the voices of the Congress Party are being heard. They are repeating the culture and character of the Congress to tie up the separatists. ”

Naqvi lobbied for the Prime Minister’s stance to convene the Lok Sabha and Assembly elections together in the country and said, “There is no election anywhere in our country. In this way, the work of development stops. The Prime Minister spoke of ‘one country, one election’. If this happens then half the problems will be resolved automatically. ”



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