Ministry of Defence Website Hacked leads to Error Message with Chinese Character


There was a case of hackers hacking another government website. He was targeted at the Ministry of Defense’s website this time. However, the website’s fixes were corrected and it started working as before. Earlier, when entering the URL of the website, the Chinese letter was appearing on its homepage. As soon as the website was open, there was a Chinese letter in front of ‘Ministry of Defense’ in English and ‘Defense Ministry’ in Hindi. It was taking too much time to open the home page and the message was appearing in a line with the error, ‘There is a sudden problem in the website. Please try again after some time. ‘

Let us know that the Indian Ministry of Defense’s website is According to reports, news of this website being hacked on Friday at around 4:30 pm on Friday. The Chinese letter appearing on the website is being guessed that it may have been hacked by Chinese hackers. The Chinese word for the website is being interpreted as ‘Home’. However, it has not been clear yet who is responsible for the incident.

Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman tweeted that the matter of MoD website has been taken into account and proper action has been initiated. After this, Sitharaman tweeted his Twitter handle, “After the website of the MoD hacked, the action has been started. The website will be normal soon. In the future, all possible steps will be taken to prevent such incidents from happening.

The website is now re-corrected.

There have been reports of hacking of government websites many times before this. Hackers have been targeting websites not only in India but also in other countries of government establishments and ministries.



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