UP Minister convey destroys Crops of Farmer Offered Rs. 4000 as compensation


Uttar Pradesh: On one hand, the Yogi government is waiving the farmers ‘debt, on the other hand, the government ministers are trying to ruin the farmers’ crops. A similar picture emerged from Jaloon U.P where Minister Jai Kumar Singh came to lay a foundation of the cow shed. Cars in his convoy ruined Dalit farmer’s crop. The minister’s car entered the farm and the mustard crop in the field was destroyed.

The unhappy farmer was crying because of his crop failure. He held the feet of minister there. At first, the minister was busy in his next program, but when the media reached there, the minister gave him four thousand rupees as compensation and immediately turned on the farmer. Dalit farmer Devendra Dohre had cropped up with debt. When he came to know about his own crop, he ran away and ran on the feet of the minister.

This is how the farmer is facing bad day completely opposite to Narendra Modi Slogan. If we talk about a recent issue which held in Tikamgarh Madhya Pradesh where farmers were beaten. We Don’t know why farmers are always targeted? Why Modi Government doesn’t understand that Farmers are there So we can eat Food Today.




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