LIVE: Sridevi Funeral Body to Arrive Mumbai Today

Sridevi Funeral Body to Arrive Mumbai Today

Bollywood’s ‘Chandni’ Sridevi has always been calm forever. There is a big disclosure about Sridevi’s death. It is being said that the work of coating will start on the body of Sridevi at 9.30 in the morning.

When it was talked about with the sources of the Embassy of Government of India, they said, the delay is being made to bring Sridevi to India. We are trying to complete the process soon enough. But nothing can be said so far till all the formulas will be completed.

According to the news published in Pinkwilla, when Sridevi died, Boney Kapoor was not in her room, but the hotel staff first saw her in the Unconscious state. It is being said that Sridevi had given some orders when the hotel staff took the order and the door was closed.

For a long time, the hotel staff rang the doorbell, when no response came from the staff, the staff called the emergency team. They also tried to open the door. When the door was not opened, finally the door was broken by pushing. When the staff went in and saw Sridevi was unconscious. Sridevi’s pulse was going on at that time. She was immediately taken to Rashid Hospital in Dubai, where doctors declared them dead.

This is How Sridevi Bathtub Look like Watch The Video:

Since the news of Sridevi’s demise, a huge crowd of fans are getting out of their house. It is worth noting that on Saturday night, Bollywood’s first superstar Heroine Sridevi has gone astray from this world.



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