LIVE: PM Modi Second day of Varanasi Visit Full Schedule

New Delhi: Today is the second day of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Varanasi, and on the second day as the first day, PM Modi has a very busy schedule where he will once again give many gifts to the people of Kashi once again. One day ago, PM Modi gave a gift of projects of about one thousand crores, including Mahamana Express from Vadodara to Kashi. Even today, PM will be involved in cleanliness campaign with many projects. PM will be involved in cleanliness campaign in Shahesh Shahpur today and here he will also give certificates to the beneficiaries of PMH Housing Scheme and Debt Waiver scheme.


Emit Post Staff September 23, 201711:45 am

Emit Post Staff September 23, 201711:45 am

Emit Post Staff September 23, 201711:44 am
Today’s Program of PM
9.00 AM – Prime Minister Modi’s departure from DLW guest house
9.30 AM – Arrival line of livestock field arrives on helipad
9.35 AM – Departure for Sahansapur village by road
9.40 AM – attended the cleanliness program in Sahansapur
9.55 AM – Livestock field departs from Sahansapur by road
10.00 AM – Livestock Health Fair Tour, Address to the House
10.30 AM – Loan Apology, Certificate To Beneficiaries Of PM House
11.35 AM – Arrival line helipad from Livestock farm
11.45 AM – Departure for helicopter to Babatpur Airport
12.10 PM – Depart from Babatpur Airport to New Delhi
Emit Post Staff September 23, 201711:40 am

PM Modi will address many public meetings in Varanasi today and will bring his message to nearly one lakh people. On the first day, the PM inaugurated and funded the plans of about 850 crores and flagged off the Mahamna express from Varanasi to Vadodara. PM will also inaugurate Trade Facilitation Center (TFC).

Emit Post Staff September 23, 201711:38 am

PM will take feedback from the party’s 100 workers at DLW Auditorium and then after he will take the feedback from the Dean of BHU and other universities, directors. PM will participate in Prime Minister’s Cleanliness Program on September 23 in Sahansapur. Here, he will address thousands of beneficiaries of poor housing scheme and crop loan redemption scheme. After this, the inauguration of the healthy animal fair and the foundation of toilets will be laid in Sahansapur.