LIVE: Many People Killed in Banaras Flyover Accident


Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s parliamentary constituency got a big accident on Tuesday evening in Varanasi. A large part of the flyover bridge under construction was suddenly collapsed near Cantt railway station, which has killed 70 people so far in its debris. Three people have been evacuated from the rubble.

There are many people now trapped. Due to being the busiest area, the movement of vehicles is high. Many vehicles have been pressed into the debris, with the possibility of the death of more than 14 people sitting inside it is being expressed. After the incident, the situation of the stampede on the incident site became. A huge number of police forces reached the spot along with the administration. Relief and rescue work continues.

Actually, a flyover bridge is being constructed near Cantt railway station to reduce traffic in Varanasi. The construction work of this over the bridge is running at a sluggish pace. On Tuesday evening, a large pillar of the bridge was overwhelmed and dashed. At the time of the accident, many vehicles were passing by the bridge, so that it came under its jute. It is feared that nearly a dozen laborers were working there, who were buried in the debris. Apart from this, the scores of trains also got blown away by debris.

There is a possibility of the casualties of dozens of people in the accident. In 2017, the questions started arising that in July 2017, questions about the design of this flyover began to arise. It was said that the responsible people have made such flyovers design that has become a problem for heavy vehicles.

From the right side of the roadways bus station, four pillars and deck slabs were initially shaken from heavy vehicle injuries as soon as they started towards Chaukghat. The officers of the UP State Setu Construction Corporation had banned the entry of heavy vehicles by putting a barrier to hide this shortage. Work was to be completed in December 2017

Let me tell you that the deadline to complete this flyover was December 2017, but later it was reduced to March 2018. But later it was extended again. Flyover Approved Project under construction: March 2 2015, Approved cost: 77.41 crores Ceiling length: 1710 meters Work start: 25 October 2015 Deadline: March 2018 Work completed: 23 percent




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