Link Aadhaar with Facebook Too, Aadhaar Found a New carrier in Facebook

 As if  Aadhar compulsion for banks and Government was not enough that Facebook too decided to jump on the Aadhar bandwagon, asking people for Aadhar card based details. Since then, this has embroiled in a controversy.
But, any such information related to aadhaar has been removed after the controversy. Ravishankar Prasad recently said in Rajya Sabha that he will look into the matter while answering on cybersecurity and data protection. Facebook has responded by saying that it was conducting a small test about the use of additional languages in India, and the test has finished. It was never collecting any aadhar data from users. So, it never was a concern for anyone to be afraid of.

The World Of Facebook

India in the recent time has seen unprecedented surges in the internet users, and Government has pushed forward the agenda of digital India. Earlier, Facebook found the backlash for its platform, which sought to offer free internet services to the people.

TRAI ruled against the platform saying that it is against the net neutrality. This incident found immense controversy in India while Facebook also massively pushed their agenda on its platform. The tricked software was used in promoting their agenda on its platform which sparked strong protest from all quarters. In recent times, Facebook has found itself embroiled in many controversies.
The influence of Russian operatives using Facebook in the US  Presidential election is still being debated worldwide. Fake news and hate speech are the key concern for its platform, which continues to be top threats for the Everyone. The AI used to filter out the spam and harmful content from the platform is still not accurate enough. It also employs its staff for removal of harmful content from its platform.

The Road Ahead

Video demand has suddenly increased all over the internet. People are consuming more and more of video content, and this has forced the tech companies to roll out their Video supporting services. Snapchat which started with a unique concept has taken the use of different filters to another level.
Facebook was soon copying the concept of stories on its platform, such as Whatsapp, which it acquired for a staggering 19 billion dollars. The message to create an open society and world is getting more and more restricted into the hands of the few tech companies. Google and Facebook have all the data of the world, and it’s not that they had to work hard or spend money to get that.
It has become the guardian of our personal information. the recent bill in the USA around net neutrality has given these tech companies more power to influence on the type of content people can see on the internet. We are going to be in the future which has become too centralized to allow diversity of the content to thrive.
Indian Information and Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has said that the government is bringing data protection bill. One thing needs to be asked that, will government able to protect our data as sincerely as they have been of  Aadhar card users?



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