Lalu Yadav Saga In Bihar Continues , Lands In Jail Again For Fodder Scam


Lalu Yadav, a name which has been added to different controversies in the political spectrum of Bihar and India since he first appeared on the political scene in the Jaiprakash movement. nitish Kumar was also part of the movement. Since then he has been a key player in the Bihar politics.

Fodder scam which has been a famous scam of Bihar where multiple chief ministers and state functionaries were accused in the scam. He has been an influential political figure who remains a leader of the strong coalition government. His political rule as a chief minister in Bihar is famous for its lawlessness and absence of governance. The case of fodder scam was an incident in the 90s when Bihar and Jharkhand were one state.

He has been to jail during this case which is being handled by the high court, Ranchi. his story of forming his own party after being separated from the Janta dal is a curious tale in the political circles. Lalu Yadav, who branded himself as the leader of downtrodden and lower caste, has time and again found doing just opposite in his entire political career.

Lalu Yadav of Bihar

During his stint as chief minister, he was accused of protecting criminals and goons. His party has a history of fielding candidates with criminal background. The famous example would be Shahabuddin from Siwan who is still in jail for cases lodged against him of murder, extortion etc.

Recently, JDU, RJD and Congress formed a coalition government in Bihar of which Nitish was elected as leader and chief minister after they wan the election in Bihar defeating the BJP. The BJP which found itself in the opposition since day one attacked the BJP and his family illegal property cases in the media and public. They found a way to attack the ruling government.

The Political Play Of Bihar

The political play in Bihar is too mixed up to be understood in a linear fashion but what runs in all this drama is a common thread to be in power, stick with the winner. The reasons why the party is formed and dissolved are not strong enough to be discussed in public because they have a common symmetry of having the high probability of winning in the election.

Another, Recent incident which is again related to JDU and RJD SI when Nitish Kumar decided to dissolve his coalition government and form a fresh government with the support of BJP. this again came as a shock to many especially Lalu  Yadav who could not have anticipated such move from the Nitish Kumar. The games of political parties are too complex to the general public but very clear to the public in the time of voting.

The man who a few months back is finding himself in jail for charges that he thought were forgotten by the judiciary and public. The scene outside the court and the tweets of Lalu Yadav were the only highlights of the day when the Fodder scam judgement from CBI court came out. Jagannath Mishra, the former chief minister was set free while Lalu Prasad was found guilty. The Public waits for an answer and judiciary have delivered its verdict.



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