Kulbhushan Jadhav finally meets his family, India claims for Consular Access

kulbhusan jadhav

Kulbhushan Jadhav, retired Indian navy commander was allowed to meet his family after Indian appealed against Pakistan’s verdict for him in an international court of justice. The family included his mother and wife, who took a flight to Pakistan for the meeting. High security and forces were present at the meeting.

The meeting took place at Ministry of foreign affairs at aga shahi block.Pakistan says it arrested Jadhav from Balochistan on March 3, 2016, on the charges of espionage and terror. Indian has denied all the charges made by Pakistan, which claims that Jadhav is a secret spy of India. The issue got international attention when India asked for consular access for Mr Jadhav in International court of justice. Pakistan awarded death sentence to Jadhav on the charges of Espionage and terror in its military court.

Kulbhushan Jadhav On the Line

A few of the pictures were also released by the Pakistan foreign officials on Twitter. It claimed that Pakistan has kept its promise of allowing Jadhav to meet his family. The meeting took place for 40 minutes which concluded at 1:35 pm. It is only a part of the story between India and Pakistan who have been sharing borders but not their views regarding many issues.

The conflict zone relations are always dangerous which should be handled seriously by engaging parties. Kulbhushan Jadhav’ s death sentence was halted once India appealed to the ICJ. Pakistan Foreign officials also released a video of him thanking the Government of Pakistan for this meeting. The bone of contention is still the consular access for him.

While Pakistan claims they have allowed an Indian diplomat to accompany the family during the meeting, and it should be considered as the consular access whereas India denies any such acts. India also asked for granting consular access for Kulbhushan Jadhav at ICJ. the current act of the meeting may lead to a good outcome but we cannot be sure of anything as of now. The final verdict at ICJ is still pending until further notice. Pakistan claims Jadhav is the face of Indian terrorism, who entered into Pakistan controlled Balochistan Province via Iran under the name of Hussien Mubarak Patel.

The Way Forward

The ruling at the ICJ will be next important step in this issue, which will define the future discourse of the case. As Pakistan mentioned in its last hearing that it will present solid evidence against him in the next hearing.

While India has strongly rejected all the false claims made by Pakistan. In another news, Pakistan is appealing in its court against Hafiz Saeed who has decided to form his own political party and fight an election in Pakistan. The situation in Pakistan is not stable nor it ever used to be.India Must stake its claim strongly as it has been doing, and fight for the right in the ICJ.

The true democratic process must be followed in the said case as it is now a matter of international judiciary. The truth is clear, and it will soon be visible to everyone in the world.



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