Kejriwal Announces Free Rides To Women, But Where Is Free Wi-Fi As Promised


Wooing voters in Delhi is at its peak with assembly elections barely nine months away. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced Monday free public transport rides for women commuters in the capital claiming to become operational in about three months. The move is to cost the Delhi government Rs 1,600 crore annually.

In 2015 assembly election Aam Aadmi Party manifesto Arvind Kejriwal made a sensational announcement to make Wi-Fi freely available in public spaces across the city.

A fast-check reveals such promises were merely lip-service to grab headlines.

In March 2016 the government conducted a three-month pilot project in Buhari’s Sant Nagar market for free Wi-Fi facility. It allowed users to download 50 MB of daily data free. Kejriwal chaired Dialogue and Development Commission (DDC). Initially, Information Technology (IT) department and later in August 2018 was shifted to Public Works Department (PWD).

Lately, a report in Mint revealed PWD was unable to execute the project due to non-availability of sufficient staff and also there was no expertise.

Some changes and proposals came thereafter but still, the promise seems far away.



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