Journalist Killed while covering protest in Tripura


New Delhi: Once again a journalist has been murdered. A young journalist working in a local TV channel in Tripura was abducted and then murdered with a knife. Things are tense after the Shantanu Bhowmik assassination in Mandai in Tripura. According to the police, Shantanu was covering the road jams and movement of the Indigenous Peoples Front of Tripura i.e., in Bhowmic Mandai. At the same time, Shantanu was abducted and attacked. Later Shantanu was found in a serious condition. Shantanu’s body has a deep trace of a knife attack. He was rushed to the Agartala Medical College Hospital where doctors declared him dead.

Shantanu used to report in the Bhowmik regional TV channel ‘Din Raat’. Since Shantanu’s assassination, conditions in Mandai are tense, with the addition of Section 144 in the area, the additional police force is also being sent. At the same time, Tripura Health Minister Badal Chaudhary condemned the murder of the journalist and said that we will investigate this and ask the top police officials to work properly in this case. The journalists have to investigate how and why they were attacked.

In Agartala, journalists protested against the killing of Shantanu Bhowmik and performed outside the Chief Minister Manik Sarkar’s house. There is no solution to the murder of Kannada journalist Gauri Lankesh. In this case, killing another journalist in the other corner of the country is causing many questions.




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