Jain Couple to leave 3 year old child, 100 Crore property for Monkhood


New Delhi: The Jain community in Neemuch of Madhya Pradesh is going to leave his three-year-old girl and take retirement. Along with that, he is also leaving the property worth Rs 100 crore behind him. The Child Commission has banned the retirement of the wife. Dasal Rathore couple was going to take the initiation not only for the property of 100 crores but also your three-year-old daughter. A complaint was filed against the couple who had just abandoned the three-year-old daughter, and after the talks with the officials, the initiation of Anamika Rathore has been stopped late night because the mother of 3-year-old mother needs more than the mother. it occurs.

35-year-old Sumit Rathore, living in Neemuch of Madhya Pradesh, returned to his home after returning home after working in London and took over his business and then became the owner of the billions. His wife Anamika is an engineer and has also done a job. After 4 years of marriage, was taking initiation with her husband today. Firstly the family explained a lot. Jain Acharya Ramlal Ji Maharaj who initiated the initiation also tried, Ramlal ji Maharaj also tried. Not allowing sannyas by citing the daughter, but Sumit and Anamika remained firm on their decision. After all, today’s day is scheduled for initiation.

Although Sumit’s family is a joint family, it is yet to be decided that his daughter-in-law will be with him or with his grandfather. While praising the courage of this Jain couple, the Minister of State for Railways Manoj Singh, who was present at the Diksha ceremony, said that spirituality in the country has a different significance. The praise is as low as they are. Congratulate such people with their heart.

This is not the first instance of being a monk by stopping the wealth of millions, staggering the wealth of millions. Many people have taken such steps before, but questions are being raised on this decision to retire Sumit and Anamika. The questions are also rising because when the innocent abha needed parents, then she will never find her around.



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