IPL 2018: Chekout These New Rules for the First Time in IPL


Tomorrow, the 11th season of IPL 2018 is going to start. The IPL has brought its popularity to the seventh heaven in a very short time and it is highly appreciated around the world. Beginning in 2008, the journey of the IPL has increased every year and touches new heights. It has increased its reach and popularity year after year, and this is the reason why this league has emerged as the world’s most popular league today. The 11th season of the IPL is going to be very special and interesting. This season, there are 4 such things happening in the IPL which have never happened before. Let’s tell you what is going to be something new this eason.

Players will change in the middle of the season: On the lines of football, the players will be able to change after halfway matches in the IPL. Those players who have played 2 or fewer matches will be able to change with the other team players after half the season. These rules have been brought in the IPL for the first time and never before it have been used in the tournament.

Match time: The timing of the afternoon matches in the current season has also been changed. The matches that started earlier in the evening at 4 o’clock in the last season will now start from 5:30 in the evening. Earlier, the first match of the IPL season used to start at 4 o’clock in the evening. This is also happening for the first time in the IPL.

Use of DRS: The BCCI has incorporated the rules that challenge the decision of the umpire in this season. This is the first time that this rule will be used in IPL. The special thing is that the BCCI used to be in opposition to the first DRS but now it has approved it in the IPL.

Change in time-out signal: After the arrival of the DRS this season, the BCCI had to change the rule of time out. Actually, the rules and timeout rules of the DRS were the same (by hand making T). Now the BCCI has changed the signal of time out and will have to watch the watch by lifting the hand to give the decision.

So these are the 4 things that are going to happen for the first time in this IPL and it has not happened before in any season so far. Would it be interesting to see now that these four changes will take the IPL popularity further?



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