Indian Soldiers are killing 5-6 terrorist everyday Says Rajnath Singh


Bangalore: Home Minister Rajnath Singh today said that Indian soldiers are killing at least five-six terrorists every day on the Indo-Pak border and they told the soldiers that if Pakistan fights, they will give it a smash hit answer. He said that the neighboring country is sending terrorists to India to carry out havoc activities and Indian soldiers are taking strict action on them.

Singh said that he has not asked soldiers deployed on the border to shoot Pakistan first, but instead asked them to give a brief answer to their firing. He said, I have not asked the troops stationed on the border to shoot the first bullet on Pakistan, but if they shoot first, then they have asked them to answer the countless bullets. On the issue of corruption, Singh said that India is not a weak but a strong country which is in a position to resolve the controversial issue with neighboring China.

That too, when most people around the world were estimating the Indo-China conflict. He said, if India was a weak country, it would not be in a position to resolve the issue with China.



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