The Indian National Congress President Election


Rahul Gandhi of Indian National Congress has been chosen as the party president after the successful election for the post of Indian National Congress President. This may sound like a joke to many, who keep a political eye in this country. It is as if someone else was going to be the President of Indian National Congress. There was a democratic process, as they say, was done for this election.


Political Parties in India have been very undemocratic in their nature of working since ages. Who can forget the fate of Subhash Chandra Bose, when he was elected as the President of Indian national congress before Independence of India. Some forces within the party were not too happy with the decision and ultimately he has to resign.

What we follow from this single yet powerful incident is the act of undemocratic means which damages the credibility of a democratic political party. The Gandhis are known to have ruled the Indian National Congress the Most, Whether it was Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru or Mrs. Indira Gandhi. This hierarchy has continued ever since in the Indian national congress. It is not surprising to see such traditions being followed until now.

The Present

The Indian national congress which always boasts of its secularism and democracy in everything they say or do does not wish to wish set forth their internal democracy in the right path. Currently, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi was President of Indian National Congress for more than twenty years.

This fact gives the opposition Parties an undue advantage in the political campaign where they repeatedly focus on the democracy within the Indian national congress. Another depressing culture which is particularly originated and evidently visible in the Indian National Congress is the culture of Sycophancy. It never goes out of fashion in the Indian national congress. They have been the torch bearers of this poisoning culture ever since Indira Gandhi became Party president of the Indian national congress.

The Future

Will this behaviour continue? We never know, but what we do know is the future of Indian national congress seem to be taking downward turn ever since these two cultures became prominent in the Indian National Congress. The openness, democracy, willingness to serve people and Calling out the bad practices of big leaders are nowhere to be seen in the Indian national congress, which at one point of time was the symbol of all these qualities in the Indian political spectrum.

Rahul Gandhi is taking the charge of Indian national congress forward in the way as to seem suitable to his advisors, who have done pretty much worse since BJP came in the Power of the central government. What we can hope from the Indian National Congress is finding their lost compass of conscience and morality which they somehow need more in the changing times of today’s politics. Indian National Congress is the only alternative party where people believe they can contribute to making a difference in the Indian Democracy. Would You suggest Changes, If any?



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