Indian Army refuses to evacuate village near China border


New Delhi: With the Doklam dispute, India and China’s forces are face to face for the last two months. Meanwhile, the news came that due to the tension on the border, the Indian Army has started evacuating the nearby villages. However, on Thursday, the army denied this.

Official sources said that in addition to the number of soldiers and tanks in Tibet by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China, artillery and air defense units are being ‘added to some extent’ but such a lenient view towards the actual Line of Control Which can not be seen as a danger bell for the Indian security forces.

The source said, “There is a week of PLA in any mobilization to our boundary, so it can be recognized. Our soldiers, well aware of the circumstances, have a strong basis for the weapons of artillery, rockets and other heavy-capacity weapons. Our soldiers are currently in the ‘no war, no peace’ situation. They are able to respond faster when needed.



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