Indian Army Ordered People to evacuate village near Doklam


The Indian Army has ordered the evacuation of the villages around Doklam in the deadly areas of India and China. According to sources, a few hundred villagers living in Nathnang village have been asked to leave the house immediately. Nathang is located 35 km from doklam.

However, it has not been clear yet that the order to evacuate from Sukna to Doklam. According to the Sources, it has been mentioned that these places are evacuated for the stay of 33 Crop Soldiers or to Make People Safer in Indo-China fight.

In the Talk with Emit Post to those living in Nathang, it has been confirmed that they have witnessed a considerable increase in military activities in the area. Nathnang is a small village where some hundred people live.

However, army officers did not talk about military activities. Some senior army officials said that this is an annual practice which was done in September but was done earlier this year.

According to some reports, Indian Army is telling the regular maintenance steps of the troop movement in the region. From the military sources, the same statement is coming out that the army is in a position of ‘war, not peace’. In military language, it means to be in a confrontational state with the enemy.

Let us state that there has been a situation of stalemate in Dokalm for more than 50 days of India and China. Since the creation of a road in Doklam of Bhutan and China objection to it, the armies of India and China are present in front of us.

After this, the Chinese media has threatened the war several times. On Tuesday, China also warned of interference in Kashmir and Kalapani in Uttarakhand. China also rejected India’s suggestion in which India had said that both the forces of both countries should come together to pursue.

China is sticking to the fact that after India’s first removed its forces from Doklam, no talks would begin. In such a scenario, the two countries’ armies remain in their respective places.



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