Indian army conducts Surgical Strike on Myanmar border, terror targets destroyed


New Delhi: Indian Army has once again done a surgical strike in Myanmar to destroy terrorist bases. At 4.45 in the morning, Indian Army personnel carried out this operation. Many insurgent camps have been devastated in this action of the army. There is no harm to the Indian Army in this action. According to the information received, the terror camps of the Khalphal group (NSCN) have been destroyed by Indian Army commandos.

This action has been done near Langur village on Myanmar border. There is news of many intestines being killed in this surgical strike. Although it has been clearly stated by the Army that the Indian Army has not crossed the International Border. This entire action took place on Myanmar border. Let us tell you that before this, in the month of 2015, the Indian army has entered the border of Myanmar and destroyed Naga militants’ hideouts.

On June 4, 2015, Naga insurgents in Chandel district of Manipur attacked 18 soldiers of the army by attacking the convoy of 6 Dogra Regiment. After this, the Indian Army decided to take action against the terrorists’ actions. The army was found to have hidden in the Myanmar border after the militant attack. After this, the Indian Army decided to conduct a surgical strike in a planned manner. About 100 naga militants were killed in this operation. This operation included 70 commandos and this operation lasted 40 minutes.



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